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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

I'm ready for ABCs

I had to play the game three different times. The first time through, I didn't realize that you could kill the enemies. Boy were my drawings a mess. Second time through wasn't too bad. While playing on hard, I couldn't get anything right. I just started spamming across the board just to get to the next one.

All three times, I realized that the concept of the game was original - that's for sure. There were a couple of things I would have done different, but I'm just going to say what I noticed. I didn't like how my paint began to smudge over. It made it look like I dropped a big speck of paint on the canvas and called it done. I did like the enemy approach and how you could see what you drew at the very end.

I really think that it would have been more fun if you created an inverse approach. Remember those pieces where you push your marker over them and the picture pops up. Do that and have the enemies come over and start erasing it. Something like that. (Just a suggestion)

Overall, it was a fun time killer.

not bad

Its pretty fun and has great music. Good idea too. But the reason I gave it a 3 is beacause it got very repeditive and i got bored on lvl 3


Wow man it's games like this that makes the portal a perfect place to be. Original, challenging, good music... it has it all !

Keep 'em coming !


Make it so when you click the enemies, they die, not when you click and then release over top of them, that makes it 10 times worse than it would have been, not being able to kill enemies like it would make sense to. The drawing in was pretty good but it just ends up in a scribble fest, accuracy isn't accounted so it doesn't matter. Alright game...

Coolio-Niato responds:

it kills them when u click em, with a delay of 5/30th of a second after u press do they completely explode.

a good game

i thought it was good, but i kept lagging once i got to levels 7+