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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

got boring by level 7

it was the enemies, not the game...but overall, it was good...but the enemies made it harder...
but NOT funner.

Not fun.

Wasn't fun, the only word that comes to mind is "painful". But seeing as how so many other people enjoyed it, I guess I just don't like a game built around stuff destroying your work constantly.

Also, this is a good game for teaching people to use a graphics tablet efficiently.

As a sidenote, can NOBODY think of any other style of music to put in their flash games than fast paced, happy sounding techno?

Pretty Colors.

I loved seeing all my creations in the end credits, cool game dude!!!


didn't expected to see my drawings at the end... that was genius... but that took a huge bit of self.confidence xD

don't worry... i'll surveve though xD

Fun stuff

Hard game, fun, but too short :(