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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

This is brilliant.

I've never seen something like this before. It is quite awesome, and as you said really fun to do with a tablet. the one thing it could improve upon is cleaning up the code so that it doesn't get constipated whenever you get close to completing the goal. This would really help for people with high crap level computers. Or make a quality control.

Either way, this kicks epic @$$.

furstrating... to say teh least

it was liek trying to draw with an autistic 4 year old screaming in your ear and punching you in the stomach

no offense to four year olds or autistic people

great game thought it really showed me that all i could draw was a piece of crap

creative&and fun!

the most creative&fun game i have ever played!great job!:D


just like the reviw under mine, it gets very annoing at a few points but it is a well designed game

Fun... to a point

I was fun at first but at level 9 or so it got reallly annoying