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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

It was fun...

Too bad i suck... i love Coolio's work and this is no execption.

Not bad.

Great idea. This was pretty unique. As artistic as I am, though, I suck at this game :P
It's so hard to just paint the shapes precisely that I just go ahead and scribble all over the screen until I finish the painting lol. Plus the enemies are annoying as hell :P I quit after the 6th or 5th level when you have red tanks and planes all over the place, cuz that was impossible! For me at least.. :P

Well, anyways, enough of my misfortune.. This game was fun, so great job. I'll add this to my favs! 9/10! :D

i like it

it was gr8 but it got annoying after a while of them fucking ur paint up but i guess that was the point of the game but it was good i had fun 10-10


I love it, im pretty terrible at it though :D

Great new concept.

For starters, this is a great game. It works well as a time waster, or just a mini-game to mess around with.

Anyway, the whole concept of the game is well-designed. If the shapes were random blobs, the game wouldn't function very well. It would be a pain to draw irregular shapes. The enemies also add just that tiny bit of challenge and strategy to it. In short, it's a good game. My only complaint was that it was short. If it was a little longer, It'd be perfect.