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Reviews for "Paint Wars"

Excellent game!!!

Hey, good idea!
It gets hard fast and needs more levels but, although it is short I enjoyed playing it a lot, and made a ouple pieces of art while at it ;-)
Maybe a cursor shaped as the size of the "brush" will help lots.
Tanks should not be harder, but airplanes: one click for tanks, two for planes. Add paratroopers! and paint throwers!
Keep it up!!!!!!


great ideas
need to make a better GAME though


very cool style game. got tricky very fast. i like it


That was definatly amazing! It reminded me of a rave I went to once! Truely awesome!


Even though its not my type of game its a very good time killer, though it pissed me off that the tanks and planes dont blow up... all around its a good game with great music