Reviews for "The One Layer Collab"


I liked black-raven's the most

Music wasn't so awesome...

But the rest of it was pretty awesome. THE LAST ONE WAS PWN!

It was cool.

Some better then others

well... just a few questions...

1. did you make movie clips with more than one layer and just stick it into your root layer?
2. so your sound didnt take up a layer of its own?

it was aight... if it really is one layer then props but if its not then its just mediocre.

im sorry

but this collab has no difference from any other, you can still tween, because you can do it FBF by keyframing each frame after making the tween, and that will also make you able to do backgrounds without "thinking before drawing" because you can just MC them.. i give this an 8 however, because i saw the collab's progress in the BBS, and you organized very well and put your effort on it