Reviews for "The One Layer Collab"

no comment, just 5 stars

I really enjoyed that small little "I'm ok!" scene xD Nearly everything in this collab had some kind off entertainment value... and to be done with just one layer (I trust you in this) is actually pretty fucking nice! ^^ Good job!

Oh ha ha

So they were in separate movie clips? That was the trick all along. Seems like cheating to me. Movie clips and graphic symbols have their own timelines so it's like using extra layers.

I thought maybe the trick was that you tweened on different layers then converted to keyframes and merged the layers.

All the same, it seems like a wasted effort when the audience can't see that it is in fact one layer. I thought the point of the collab was to show off effects that would have no reason to use more than one layer. Instead you just made a bunch of ordinary animations.


lol i liked that a real lot because it looked like that the animators were showing off with what they could do with only 1 layer especially that 1 with the brick thing doing the stunts off everything, and yeah they were all sealed in seperate movieclips thats how you got it to look like there was more than 1 layer, but was really great

I must say...

Black-Raven's is quite... unusual... thats why i liked it.
All where still AWESOME!