Reviews for "The One Layer Collab"


That must have taken a lot of very talented people a lot of time to finish. I didn't think the video was funny, and some of the shorts submitted were meh, but talented flash artists producing something that's challenging to make is worth a good score.


if you didn't think the one layer collab is an interesting thing why even click? if it was so terrible why even waste your time for a review? i think it was an awesome video and a lot of people put a great deal of effort into it, good job guys!! Makes me what to attempt something even though i lack the skills to animate


The preloader clearly requires 2 layers.

Anyway, awesome stuff.


Ok, so it's not a one layer collab, so what? it was still funny as hell and fun to watch. Better than some stuff that ends up on the front. I couldn't stop laughing at the part with the guy in the top hat,

Kudos, 7/10 and a 4 for you, just watch how you title things

Movie Clips

It's not "bad" but it's not "good" in terms of graphics/animation, but as many people are saying: this movie uses movie clips. In my opinion, movie clips are (more or less) layers. In fact, one could create a movie clip the size of the flash file on only one layer, then create multiple layers in that movie clip and claim that everything was created in only a single layer of animation. Is that to say that this is inherently bad? No, not at all. It's okay. The music is very nice, for example, as many people pointed out. And as I also said, there's nothing wrong with the animation, it's just not wonderful.

Though, I also have to agree: even if this was done in one layer (which I do not believe it is), why does that actually... y'know... matter? It doesn't really prove anything, and I don't think it really shows off skills so much as it shows a more tedious way to create flahses. I mean, it is sort of admirable, but still.