Reviews for "The One Layer Collab"

One layer ROCKS!!!!!

I don't care if the aimations were shit. A flash in one layer is just awsome!!
Sertain people can't even do shit animations in one layer.
You sirs are expectacular!!!! xD

Nice...Read Alert!

Nice job, most parts of the collab were done rlly well. i liked the first song, the second song was "eh". But 10/10 and 5/5ed fo sho just because of the Red Alert soundfx used at the end


if you didn't think the one layer collab is an interesting thing why even click? if it was so terrible why even waste your time for a review? i think it was an awesome video and a lot of people put a great deal of effort into it, good job guys!! Makes me what to attempt something even though i lack the skills to animate


That was about the funnyist random one layer flash colab iv ever watched


That was amazing. Must of taken ages.
I loved black-raven's at the end! Haha
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