Reviews for "The One Layer Collab"

One layer?!?

I don't get it one layer.
Most of my work is one layer, nothing special

MarcyVF responds:

Well, it seems none of your work has passed, so my advice: Use more layers.



i wish i can do that on one no even more then one layer. that is crazy i know that you can do that on one layer but that good stuff dam i never knew that. hehe dam i wish i could use this in my CMAT class. lol. well this is great i am giving you....


I wouldn't be able to do that with multiple layers

Awesome flash!


little boring but is cool :)

nothing special.

what's so special about using one layer? Layers are just for artists to keep stuff organized, but with one layer, you can do everything you can with multiple (by using groups for instance, or graphics).
Beside the layer thing, there wasn't anything special in there if you ask me.