Reviews for "The One Layer Collab"

I love the music!

Very good submission, all this animation in one layer! What a very intensive work! OMG I love this one!

Very good music, particularly the first. ^^


Most of the earlier sketches were great, but after the first music track left, the sketches declined in quality. Would have been better if you kept the original track on.


I'm a bit oblivious to the selling point of this flash. Degas/Picasso/Braque/any painter does his paintings on one layer too, doesn't he?

Kinda sucked, well I said kinda

Well I do all my work with only one layer, because it takes less time and sure it makes it look neater with two layers, so what!? Although you did it with one layer its not hard at all and it wasn't that good because it was too random, I mean I love random but this had no point at all to it, only to show off something too easy to do!!
(waiting for someone to defend them with big criticisms to me)
Though some was good, it was TOO random and some wasn't all that good, kinda 50/50


Seeing this kind of time-consuming, rewarding work really inspires me to get going on my own flash stuff. Excellent work, all of you, keep it up!