Reviews for "Paper Pug"

Very Cool.

This game is very entertaining. I thought the physics felt right with the hangin' pup and the graphics were visually interesting. I like the method in which you came about your animations, too. The game itself was addicting and simple, a great combination that generally captivates more people than games that are overly-elaborate. My score, on the other hand, was terrible. :P

I would like to see a sequel, but a slight plot change. Perhaps you could flip the perspective. Give the player the choice of being the Ninja or Soldier, and the goal being to kill the pup 3 times within a certain amount of time, with multiple levels and perhaps even short movies or voice overs. It's just an idea, but hopefully you'll agree that it is a good one and will see at least some aspect of it realized. Thanks for the game and concept. Here's hopin' for some more of Paper Pug.


What a great BIG game! I think that this was one of the better NG games in a while! Very original! I don't have anything negative to say about this Flash! Bravo!


I'll say it right away, i'm no fan of evasion games and stuff, and i thought the gameplay was kinda boring. You can change that by a bigger room and include powerups or something, like mansbridge95 mentioned, but then it wouldn't be an evasion game anymore i guess.
The graphics were just great, really well done.
4/5 for this one.

Haha, Thats Cool

I died when the ninja came out. My score was 1337. No, Really!

I love this game

This game is amazing. Maybe if you make another one you should add power-ups or something like that. Anyways, amazing game!