Reviews for "Paper Pug"


The first thing that came into my mind when i first started playing this game was "Holy Crap! SOOOOO CUTE!!!!" Although its a little lame but its also a great game if u are bored XD

animation is lovely

-great graphics
-accurate game play (you only die when you're actually hit unlike some other games)
-good music
-adding difficulting to this "dodge ball" type game by adding a string is a nice change of pace

-a few levels of the same two enemies became mundane
-i personally dont find this game has a good deal of replay value

Your game looks great and runs very smooth. My only suggestion is to possibly add additional enemies to spice things up a bit.

Soldiers and Ninjas and Pugs, Oh my!

With all the shooters, RPGs and tactics games out there, nowadays, it's nice to play an innovatice gmae every once in a blue moon. Well, I guess I need to replace my telescope because there's definetly one out tonight! Paper Pug is one of the few flash games out there that utilize the mouse as a primary control. Well, it's the ONLY control in the game actually, but you know what I mean. Anyways, don't look for carnage on a galatic scale because this is a purely duck-n-dodge game. It seems, the good ole' U.S of A has started a war against pugs and it is up to you, a mystical, floating arrow to fling one specific little mongrul by his leash in an attempt to keep him from harm. If you manage to elude enough Jarheads' fire, they'll get desperate enough to hire a ninja. Apparently the ninja is working for the Black Water security firm because he'll throw his dealy shurikens at anything that moves, including yourcanine companion's leash line! The artwork in the game is both unique and refreshing in a world dominated by anime clones. Couple that with some nice tunes and you have yourself a merry little winner! There aren't any upgrades or power-ups which means you'll either fine yourself bored after the first few levels or find the game more challenging. Either way, you'll find yourself playing a well-constructed game. Paper Pug gets 8 exploding pugs out 10!

reel cool

and nice job wit the garage band music....creative

kinda lame

not much to do really except dodge stuff...