Reviews for "Paper Pug"


Love It ^^

Good Music, good gameplay, all is aweosme!!

Continue like this.

Claxor responds:

thanks :)

Most entertaining, challenging, and excelent!

I've played some games on a similar theme to this one before, but none have the animation and comedy effects that this one does!

Claxor responds:

Glad you like it :)

haha xD

nice one ! finally a new graphical notion in the world of flash ! the idea and style is what i like the most, also good music choice. the game itself, well i found it a bit hard for it's a pity there is no 'skill-games' collection, it would fit in there perfectly. i don't know if the gameplay changes beyon the 3,5 k points mark, but untill then, it's a very nice and stylish opportunity to fill 'the 5 free minutes'. see, the new graphics style paid off :D congratulations and see you tomorrow on front page and/or with a prize.

Claxor responds:

AngryBanana: Thanks for the comment.
the game does require skill,just play more and you will see that you get better,how else could I get a score from over 5000?
that gaz88 guy played it alot as you can see and he got better every time
Tnx for the score

Claxor: I agree :)

Couldn't have thought of a better pair :).

You two work well together, i hope to see some more games. As usual, amazing coding from claxor and crisp, beautiful artwork from AB (Not AuthorBlues). Anyway, maybe add some more colour next time, if you do another that is :).

Nice work, 10/10 for both art and coding.

Btw AB, you have a very distinct art style, its very recognizable, which is nice, rather than editing someone elses, you've gone with your own, credit for that :).


Claxor responds:

Angry-Banana: Thanks for the comment I try to keep my style away from other styles so its more original,and this game had no color because it takes place on a notepad like level,our next game will most likely have color :)

Claxor: :D

Very fun, original too!

I really like this game. I like the gameplay alot, having the pug attached to a rope. The *Tap*, *Boom* and *Whoosh* words made me laugh. The graphics were supercool too! All I can say is, very nice job and I really hope to see a sequel.

Claxor responds:

Thanks a bunch :)
You make us both happy :D