Reviews for "Paper Pug"

Very Nice!

Good, fun, simple gaming with some really nice styles.
P.S, can't wait for the next 'Paintball' game to come out, i loved the first :D

Claxor responds:

It'll come soon, don't worry. Now I've gotten started with games again, I'll try to not get lazy :P


Nice game!! :D

and i think i got the 10nth review ;D

Claxor responds:

11 :(
Haha, thanks alot for review though :P

Extremelly snazzy

Like the paper effect. This works really well, it's very comic-book style. I'll be sure to check out anything you do in the future!

Claxor responds:

So do I (I can say that since I didn't draw it, Banana did :P)
Thanks :)


i liked it but the pug looked a little uhhhh weird

Claxor responds:

Haha, maybe so :P
Thanks for the score/review :)

Fun little gem.

I really like this game, it's fun and pretty unique. Also the visuals are nice, but the "turn around" animation for the soldiers could be different. I like the overall style, though. And it'd be even more fun if you could hit the enemies with the pug.

Claxor responds:

Haha, I personally love the "turn around" animation, makes it feel papery :P

Anyway, thanks alot for the review and score :)