Reviews for "Paper Pug"


Graphics were nice, love the pug!
Was pretty hard since the pug was dangling, but overall this game was really good

Graphics: 10/10
Creativity: 11/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Difficulty: 9/10

REally nice job, hope to see more of this soon!

very nice

i enjoyed it and i agree it isn't a long tiring game it is just a quick pick up and go type of game and i like those types of games sometimes also i loved the graphics so overall good job

(Not necessarily a bad thing)

I find it wierd how when you get blown to pieces you lose a life... but when your string gets cut you get gameover... Seems odd...

Not necessarily a bad thing, just odd :P

Nice Game overall, nice style, but not really enough there to keep me interested. At the moment it seems more like a game you'll play for five minutes or so, which (again) isn't necessarily a bad thing. Being able to kill the bad guys could change that.

nice game

great idea and style. i do wish you could swing into the baddies and kill them or something. and thanks a bunch for the f11 tip lol i always wondered if there was a way to fit the game on the screen

Awesome concept!!!

I love the animations, the music, all that jazz. I like the concept too. I love the whole game,

The only thing I would like to see changed is to maybe be able to kill the bad guys by maybe hitting them with the pup. It get kind of boring just hanging there avoiding bullets.

But thats just an idea.