Reviews for "Paper Pug"

Great Fun!!!

nice job, fun & addicting!! top Score OOHH YEAHHH!!!

Gaz88 :-D sori Angry banana :-P lol

Claxor responds:

Nice work topping the score board :P
We'll both get to work on beating you xD

Simply great!

nicely drawn characters, though i thought it would be fun to have random fly-around-the-screen enemies too!

loads of simple fun. 10/10

Claxor responds:

That's something for number 2 :)


Love the graphics in this, really unique. Great concept as well, nice and entertaining. Keep it up!


Claxor responds:

We certainly will :P

newed u will have nice rating

l newed that u will have nice rating nice work

Claxor responds:

Thanks for your support :)

Very Nice

Very nice game. I love the fact that you drew all the characters. The objective was simple, yet addictive and fun. I truly did enjoy this game. I can't wait to see more games from you two. Really guys, a fantastic job. Although I did notice that it was sort of hard controlling the pug, I don't know how to explain it, but it was very... resistant, could you say?

~ xGlitchx ~

Claxor responds:

Yeah, AngryBanana did an awesome job on the graphics, eh? :)