Reviews for "Paper Pug"

Fun little timewaster

Graphics are very nice, gameplay is simple. This is a great quirky little game that would be a nice addition to a webpage for someone looking to put a simple little game on it.

Great Job guys.

twas ok

played once got 2891

Wow, Really awesome

I loved the art. When I first saw it I thought, "How in the hell did he do that?" Then I read your comments and how you drew it on paper! Thats a great idea I may try that in my future games. Anyways on to the game.

Great style best part of the game.
Great physics. Loved it.
I loved it but when I died once I had no desire to play again.

Suggestions for sequel-
Well as always violence. Maybe add guns for the puppys deffense. Other than that maybe a health system to prolong the players stay in the game. More enemys. Thats all I can think of.

Claxor responds:

Thanks :)
We'll defenately take your opinions into consideration in sequels :)

Funny and playable

This game has a good combination of humour and good gameplay, even if it can get annoying. Fantastic!

Claxor responds:

Thanks man :D

A very nice game.

You have done a great work. I really liked this game and just now i stopped playing to write a simple review, just as a useless - but i hope appreciated - token of my appreciation. I hope to see other works from you.

Work Hard, guys. ^^

Claxor responds:

Not useless at all, your token is very appreciated by us :)
Thanks :D