Reviews for "Chaos Sonic Chapter 1"


Like the summary says, it's pretty damn epic.

The thing I like most is the originality, even though you stayed true to the Chaos Emerald theme of Sonic.

Poor Knuckles and Shadow.

Can't wait for the second one!

knuxrouge responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.


I got bored shortly after they shot down the Tornado...
It's been done so many times this story line... if you're thinking of watching this then be prepared for more of the same Chaos Emerald fueled story line.

knuxrouge responds:

So no notes on the animation, music, overall quality of the flash huh?
Well, to each his own, I'm not gonna bother explaining anything seeing how you're far too bored to listen, but know this;
Chaos Emeralds are a vital asset to Sonic anywhere, and this story has not been done before. Sure, some others had the use of Chaos Emeralds, but the story is nothing like this.



knuxrouge responds:


this is awesome man!!!!!!!

i love this flash movie definatly make a long series of this. this is one of the best flash movies i have ever seen probably the best. can you email me at-

the_force_11@hotmail.com and tell me how you make such good flash movies please.
and DONT forget to email me at that address that i gave you.

knuxrouge responds:

Oh, thanks. Its a 5 part series.
I have a sprite tutorial, look it up.

very nicely done

it might be the fact that im using a smaller screen than usual, but you could've made the screen larger. also maybe in the next one you could put the text on the bottom of the screen, that way we can see what the characters are doing much easier.
one last thing before i finish up. when sonic and shadow were fighting, i found it difficult to watch the fight with the screen shaking. so in the future, could you leave that part out (unless of course there's a huge explosion to cause tremors in the area that they are in, then you can make the screen shake).
aside from all of these problem that i had, this is a good show. im going to check out the trailer for the next episode

knuxrouge responds:

I'm glad you like it, but unfortunately complying to your suggestions will shatter 9 months of planning, so no go.