Reviews for "Chaos Sonic Chapter 1"

Very good, but needs slight improvement.

Good story, good sprite usage, good music. However, please choose easier-to-read lettering in the credits, opening, etc., especially the coloring. And there were some misspellings in the dialogue.

knuxrouge responds:

Thanks for your review. Your advice has been noted.


You sure put a lot of work into this. The graphics/sprites are well used and your choice of music fits in very well with the flash.
The story is quite good and interesting and I'm looking forward to see the next chapters of this.

However, you had a few things in there that I didn't like.
First of all: The preloader. There was some black text on a dark blue background. I could hardly read the text, so I think it would be better if you used white text instead. Also the red text on the blue background doesn't look that good, either. It's again very hard to read, because the eye isn't able to focus both colours at the same time.

The introduction at the beginning was gone too fast. The text scrolled by in a few seconds, so that I gave up on reading it after the first few sentences. You should either make the text scroll a bit slower or add some voice that's reading the text.

That I had to press the spacebar to pass the text during the flash was good and bad at the same time. On the one hand it's quite annoying to press the spacebar all the time, on the other hand I can read the text at any speed I want.
But it would be a good idea here too, to simply add some voice acting.

{ Review Request Club }

knuxrouge responds:

Thanks for you well thought out and thorough review.
I did put much work into the flash, but I couldn't have done this alone, my crew members contributed just as much as I did. I am going to try my hardest to make the next chapters even better.

I get your point with the preloader, but you must understand, not alot of colors can work well with that background and match. I can't speak for your eyesight, but the black was half decent and the Red was much more visible. The blend of Red and Blue was always obviously apparent form each other, simply because they're opposite colors.

I definitely understand your point with the intro prologue. But by the time I came to grips that it was too fast, I was too far in the production to make any changes that wouldn't compromise the animation in the future. I have no mic so voice acting is out of the question.

The spacebar exist for those who are not fast readers, it lets them read at their own pace and fully understand the story. There was alot of dialogue and little action, these don't match too well in this kind of audience (NGers). But I assure you, the following chapters will have more action. I will be keeping the spacebar function, because I have a 6 year old nephew who likes to watch this and for all those who also cannot read as fast as others.
Again, no mic = no VOs.

good work!

the story was pretty original, but do something about the spacebar thing. and make that frame rate faster and then you got a great movie.

knuxrouge responds:

It lags so its a bit slow at times, I'm afraid that I will be keeping the spacebar function, for those who can't read so fast.

3/4 and 5/10

- Good stuff -
I liked the music for the menus that was a good choice. Actually most fo the music was pretty cool. The sprites looked good and wern't done with no mistakes.

- Bad stuff -
Way too much writing. The story was quite predictable. Also it took a while to get started. In someparts it was glitchy.

= Review Request Club =

knuxrouge responds:

I see your point, Chapter 1 is kind of a prep for the following installments.

Decent to a Fault

A mixed bag of Sonic fan service, bad pacing and poor camera placement.
My main issues lie with the Movie's production, not much else. *pat on the back*. Leave this alone an get to work on other chapter

knuxrouge responds:

*Ahem* Thanks for your review, I'll get to work on Chapter 2 once the preparations are ready.