Reviews for "Chaos Sonic Chapter 1"

Better than the last one!

Dude, if you're gonna make, I dunno, 10 or more episodes, you might as well get your own collection!

knuxrouge responds:

I hope, but its gonna be a 5 part series.
Thanks for the review.


Filesize was maybe a little too big and the music playing in only one side is quite annoying, might want to use music that keeps to the center and plays in both ears, otherwise it's harsh on people who use headphones. The story was okay and the animation of the sprites was decent, though in parts a little streached maybe.

Good sound effects and the random sound clips of talking did kind of brake the repetativness of pushing space all the time. The menu could have looked better though, the text was hard to see and the intro, maybe not so fast scrolling. But other than that, pretty decent.



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knuxrouge responds:

Thanks for your review, I'm glad you enjoyed it and your comments have been noted.

Lots of effort pays off

I can see you've put quite a large amount of effort into this movie, and it really shows. It's an amazing and bold story, quite nice to see so much effort.

There are too major flaws though, one would be the lack of voice acting, as Coop says below, voice acting would help the lengthy script go just a little faster. And stop pressing of the Space bar.
And two, I would've like to have seen some sort of zooming in whenever a character did something, it would've added an element of pace.

But other than that it's quite a solid movie, well done.

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knuxrouge responds:

Thanks for your review. This first chapter was a prep, so dialogue was going to be in an abundance. I will improve the camera work next time, this was the first time I ever used a camera, and for a first, I think I did pretty well. Thanks for appreciating my effort and thanks for the review.

A little long, but good.

What a flash of this quality desperately needs is some proper vocals. Search the BBS for voice artists, as there are bound to be some good ones out there, who can do decent impressions of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Robotnik.

I'm glad to see old skool Sonic back here, with the correct name for Robotnik, rather than Eggman, or whatever the fuck they chose to call him - messing with the original details like that rarely works.

Sonic's intro has him running and jumping through the air, while he holds a pose. For me, that didn't really work, as the pose was held for a second or two too long.

Other than the above points, the scrip was well written and the whole flash was well presented.

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knuxrouge responds:

Is "flash of this quality" good? I may or may not be adding VOs.

I'm glad you like the old fashioned concept.


Thank you for your review.


Dood that was great!!! Plot was nice, sprites were well place, it's not short, good music for the flash, and great fighting scenes, all in all petty damn good. I believe i figure out some of the things near the end about what happen to sonic (will not tell because it maybe spoilers for others). The 1st time i tried to read the opening a bit fast but i read it. And please if you are going to use fancy handwriting don't use to fancy of it.

P.S. What ever you guys do please DON'T USE VOICE ACTORS!!! People will get confused about the people talking and pushing the spacebar at the right time it'll confused use like crazy!

From: Kirbyman50 <(^_^)>

knuxrouge responds:

Thanks for your review, I did work hard on this as did my collab members. We will not be using VOs, Your hand-writing suggestion is noted and taken into consideration.