Reviews for "Chaos Sonic Chapter 1"

God job

Well this flash was pretty well done. The sprite animation was pretty good but there it was rough around the edges in some parts. The music was good and the story was alright.

There was alot of reading and it got abit to much. At some points I just felt like skipping into the next scene. I also didn't understand why sometimes the character icons weren't there.

A good flash, but rough around the edges.

~Review Request Club~

knuxrouge responds:

Thanks for your review, I don't quite understand what your talking about with the character icons.


That's Sonic's new transformation! Must be from that explosion! That's awesome!!!!

knuxrouge responds:


Was too long...

Was too long... and got boring in some places... the first fight scene with robotnic in it was pretty intense though. Keep it up!

knuxrouge responds:

Thanks. This chapter was a prep for the later ones, a filler to kill if you may.

not bad at all

a lil choppy in places, but a good, if predictable, overall plot. i see potential in this.

knuxrouge responds:

Thank, I garuantee, the story will not disappoint.

ahhh, shardintheback...

this is pretty good. not quite SMBZ quality, but still some good stuff. you better find a way to bring Knux back into this, cuz, well, he's Knux. in any case, not bad, keep it up, and try to bring the screens in a little closer if possible, the tiny sprites are a bit of a pain in the eyes.

knuxrouge responds:

Noted, thanks for your review.