Reviews for "Chaos Sonic Chapter 1"


well it was kinda ruff around the edges only a little, not as bad as u made out 2 b (not that i could do nebetter lol i don't even no were 2 get the programing 2 do a flash cartoon ha ha) the plot was great, and somthing tells me that knuckls isn't realy as dead as u say is he?? well neways loved it completly, can't wait for the nxt one. good luck.

knuxrouge responds:

Thanks, and your intuition is correct...


It was a good concept, but the Final Fantasy dialogue style didn't work out very well. Especially since there was almost no movement of the characters while the plot progressed. This would have been better done as a non-sprite movie, maybe. Or at least find a way to make us care that Knuckles is dead, you know? Show his body? Play some sad music? Show Sonic kneeling beside his broken form, shed a tear, then get really pissed off and swear a blood-oath to kill Robotnic? Would've helped.

knuxrouge responds:

Noted. And its Megaman Zero Dialogue.
Thanks for your review.


It was bvery long but it was great. The best bit was when shadow and sonic was habving that fight.. 5/5

knuxrouge responds:

Thank you, I will strive for higher next time around!

That was Great!

I really loved the animations of Sunset Hill, it would be good though if the text was able to progress on a timer instead of us having to take full control of the animation but apart from that, great job!

knuxrouge responds:

Thanks! I made the space bar function for those who can't read as fast as others.

nice! :)

great work...i loved robotnik and shadows littel chat that was sooo funny ..but maybe u should have abit more sound to it, like in the fight scene or something then it would be awsome :D

knuxrouge responds:

Thanks for the good review, I had a limited supply of sounds, but I'll see what I can do next time.