Reviews for "Touch The Bubbles 2"

Oh.I don't know what i will say.It looks great.You are good at games.


GameBalance responds:

Glad you liked )))

The game is not so-so but the extra time you can spend.


excellent game and a great concept! quite challenging. but also quite tedious. it is like a game of simon on steroids or something! but anyhoo good game and concept overall. 5/5 10/10.

also for those who just like to play around with the buttons. press any of the buttons really fast for about ten seconds and watch what happens!

Good and hard

I can't hate this game because it is very well done! The coolest thing is the graphics. I mean, for a game that's nothing but a screen with some bubbles on it, it is very nice to just look at. Even the actions the bubbles make when you press them are hardcore! What I did not like was just how hard this turned out to be! There were so many different sounds to choose from and even if you listened carefully, you still had to inspect each and every one hoping to get the right color.

I was thinking it would be more like a "Simon Says" game, but man, was I wrong. If this does not make you more aware of music, nothing will. I thought it would be something where you would try to pop bubbles or something. All in all, this is a very sophisticated game and a recommendation for someone who really wants a challenge. It's so difficult it's very highbrow!

GameBalance responds:

It's far not simon. The name fit the game tho, you touch the bubbles haha!
Color in game is random.
The game requires some music ear. But I think it's good because it might train it some.

For those who have no music ear - I m sorry :(