Reviews for "Touch The Bubbles 2"

i`ta good

but the pattens can b tricky

GameBalance responds:

Yes very!


The music makes you want to finish the level. I got up to round 10 but I coud'nt beat it. Is there a place that lets you listen to the music?

GameBalance responds:

i did not guess to make a jukebox :(

This game is so much fun!

Congrats! You have made an awesome flash game! You really need a good ear for sound/music, otherwise the game just doesn't quite make it. But the idea with the bubbles.... everything is fantastic! wow.... just keep making games, ok?

GameBalance responds:

Well I made new one :)

too hard

its so hard to pick the right 1 maybe make the 1ns that r it light up? and then get darker every lvl? it was just to hard for me but still a good game and u some times have to click them all to no the notes

GameBalance responds:

I m sorry but when u have OK sound hear there is not such problem. But on the other side this game makes your sound hear better.


press forward(right click)on menu.Everything is a darker color!
anyway-great game,it's cool,new idea,and fun!keep up the good work!
10/10 5/5

GameBalance responds:

Oh, you found a secret :)