Reviews for "Touch The Bubbles 2"

Cool !

Level 12 and i had to left the computer ...
exelent job on this, the music was cool and graphics to.
5/5 man

GameBalance responds:



it was also very hard

Oh my gawd...

This is one of my favorite melody games, I can honestly say. I was playing it for well over an hour just following the beat or getting bored and makings my own :D I really recomend this to people who don't like melody games, very good work.

Was that too complimenting M-bot?

GameBalance responds:

Oh... U say u recomend this to ppl who don't like melody games!?
Well, suggest it for collection then. Is more like puzzle game.

damn good game

excellent game! I could probably play it for quite some time, but I'm retarded and impatient. The sounds were very original, fun game!

GameBalance responds:

Oh, thanks!


excellent game and a great concept! quite challenging. but also quite tedious. it is like a game of simon on steroids or something! but anyhoo good game and concept overall. 5/5 10/10.

also for those who just like to play around with the buttons. press any of the buttons really fast for about ten seconds and watch what happens!