Reviews for "Touch The Bubbles 2"


I used my musc theory skills to beat this. It was really hard, because even though the bubbles were colored, it was still easy to lose track on what bubble you hit last. I kinda cheated too, I used my keyboard for some of the leaps. It took me 20 minutes or so to do. It was a great game, and think there should be one extra level that would have a 50 note melody. That would be pretty kickass.

GameBalance responds:

I used to click them fast it make see the bubbles move and help a bit. Yes even I did made game fisrt time I was need to beat level though more easy for me cuz I was know actual melody, but when I played it some time later I dod forgot some melodies.

Loved the music!

The sounds were so cute!! And it's also innovative, I don't remeber playing a melodic game like this one ever! Great job!

GameBalance responds:

me too. Thanks!

Entertaining =)

I liked the game but the sounds do make it chanllenging .=P I had fun listening to how the song really sounds like at the end of the round. I had a suprizingly good time making the bubbles bigger by repeatedly clicking.=BThe unlimited replays was good for me because I hate starting all over.... and but I do need a challenge.

GameBalance responds:

THanks =)

I liked it. :3

Don't listen to KayPossible, seriously. She's obviously never heard someone go up the keys on a keyboard before if she thinks the notes are too close tone-wise.

Otherwise, this is a very solid, clean game. I would agree, though, that adding some sort of "prize" or point system (instead of the unlimited replays) would make it more challenging.

GameBalance responds:



Liked it but it got boring and annoying after about level 5. Didn't like the fact that you got unlimited chances to guess and didn't like the fact the notes were all so close together tone-wise. Maybe adding a bit more, like getting something from solving each level?