Reviews for "Touch The Bubbles 2"

too good

for me so I can't do it although I thought I have a good ear. Respect!
I gave it up at the 14th level...
How many did I miss?

GameBalance responds:

15 total. Thanks !


Should put directions how to play on the main menu, but awsome game and difficulty level!

Well Done!

I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I have a good ear for music and the game gave me a fun challenge. I especially liked how the notes that you played formed a song at the end of every level, since it brought a satisfying feeling.

Also, nice job on the song-writing! Simple, but effective!

GameBalance responds:

Heya! Thanks!

Haha I beat it ^^

Took me a while but i beat the game
Nice concept ^^
But I guess it's kinda hard for people who don't have a good ear =S
Good job nonetheless :)


I love how the patterns are musical! Usually you don't find that in a pattern-repeat game.