Reviews for "Touch The Bubbles 2"



GameBalance responds:

Hey, thanks!

i dunno

i just didnt find it appealing. it was too hard and i just dont like puzzle/melody games, sry.

still 6/10 is a 3/5 so thats pretty good

Good job!

Great game! Really fun to play with good music. I'm not a huge fan of melody games because they normally are repetitive, but your game was more like a musical puzzle that was both addictive and interesting. I got a bit bored after the tenth round, but it was still a fantastic game.

GameBalance responds:


Oh my gawd...

This is one of my favorite melody games, I can honestly say. I was playing it for well over an hour just following the beat or getting bored and makings my own :D I really recomend this to people who don't like melody games, very good work.

Was that too complimenting M-bot?

GameBalance responds:

Oh... U say u recomend this to ppl who don't like melody games!?
Well, suggest it for collection then. Is more like puzzle game.


it was also very hard