Reviews for "The Mind Bender"

It was pretty good but the controls were slippery and ended up turning into another mario game for me with the exception that you could move boxes were your freaking mind.Overall it had a good soundtrack and an alright form of graphics, all you needed to do was make the physics engine a bit better.

I like the game itself. I think the idea is good and the graphics are pretty decent too. However, I agree with a lot of other reviewers, the controls are very poor and therefore makes it incredibly annoying to the point where you can't be bothered anymore. I have played many games similar to this and they have better controls but it is still tricky and you frustrating. The controls could be made better and if they were, it would be a lot better and I would play it more.

The graphics and gameplay are pretty good, but two things: the sensitive keys are incredibly annoying and there is a glitch on one of the levels (the one where you get one box in the beginning and there is a giant spike length) where the box disappeared before I even touched it, even after I restarted the level numerous times. Other than those things, good game

it could be much better and the controls are not well

eh it could have been better :c