Reviews for "The Mind Bender"


First off, well-made game. Major props for that. It's some great flash work.

Now, the bad things:

1) Controls were too sensitive. It felt slippery.
2) BORING. You can figure out the puzzles easily, and then it's just tedious to get your jumping right to solve them. In the end, you're just moving boxes around. Nothing ever happens. An enemy or two to bludgeon with a flying crate would be nice.
3) No versatility. It's be nice if there were more than one way to get through a level. You know, let the player feel they're in control of their powers a little? Nothing fun about telekinesis if you're completely restricted in how you can use it.
4) BORING. Did I mention that? Every level is the same. You may think they're different, because they look different, but they're not. It's all the same. Spikes and boxes. Boxes and spikes. It never ends.
5) Was there a story? I didn't feel any connection to whatever character I was controlling, so I started to get annoyed at how uninteresting he looks. Or she?
6) Also, it was boring. You could build a great game with telekinesis if you had more stuff to throw around (again, maybe even enemies?) and more freedom. Telekinesis is a cool power, if you could use it in fun ways. All this game lets me do is unleash my fearsome abilities . . . on boxes. So I can get over spikes. Yee.
7) It's a bit boring at times.

Well, there ya go. This game frustrated me because it felt like it should be good, but then it wasn't. I feel BETRAYED. By BOXES.


i hated it... i mean it was a good game in the fact that there were no glitches... but it wasn't challenging as a puzzle. It just took awhile.

-was fun lifting up stuff
-liked the idea
-no bugs

-WAY TO SLIPPERY (no friction... guy slid right off)
-too easy.. figured out how to get to end of level quickly every single time.


It was a good game
needed to be harder though
you should make a sequal and make the puzzles alot harder as you go
it was the same all the way through
it was a very good game

GG, man

I finished in maybe...45 minutes? It was fun, and it's a unique concept, but it was short and the puzzles a bit simplistic. I hope there might be a sequel to this one with a larger number of more (challenging) puzzles. Good job, though. 4/5!

very cool game

I like that ability and you portrayed it well.
I would like some better uses and more harder puzzles
but this game was good enough.
But if you were to make a sequel maybe it could be much harder.