Reviews for "The Mind Bender"

why cant i telekenesis myself that would be so smart and cool

Amazing job!, the jumping physics are kinda off though.. But this is still super awesome!! X3

Horribly annoying physics.
I got pissed off by that jump bugs etc.

I really enjoy the concept of this game. Platformer puzzles are always fun even with the slight rage they bring with them. But the music and the little character brings a charm to it that makes part of a game so much fun. Nicely done.

The game is really interesting, one of the first flash games I played far away at the end of 2007, so it's a special game for me. With a nice music and an interesting concept, but the controls... as pilafmachine123 said, are really slippery, that will cost a star, because -even if I loved the, game, music, concept, graphics and stuff- that ends easily with my patience.

PS: crappy English, I believe you can understand this.