Reviews for "The Mind Bender"


A bit slippery, but i think thats what you were going for. QUIT BITCHING PEOPLE!! Great work

A great one

I've never seen a game quite like this, and it was very well done. The controls are a little slippery, adding to the difficulty (a.k.a. frustration), but it becomes fairly easy after some getting used to. I'm glad to find a game that teases the player's mind while not making their head hurt. Something to add in a future version could be character customization or a level builder. 5/5 9/10


it would never jump when i wanted to.....try to make a game okay.......

Good game

This gets really challenging as you progress but the character was very slippery which makes it hard to land on objects without slipping off.


the contols r terrible, and i only like music kinda.. all in all, its good but teawk sensitivity ang gravity a little bit more k?