Reviews for "The Mind Bender"

Cool Game

But The One Problem I Found Was If You Tap one Of The Arrow Keys You Move Too Far. Other Then That This Game Is Really Cool

One of Newgrounds Tops.

This is surely one of the best games on Newgrounds, after playing and playing, you get really addicted to it, and you simply think "i can't stop now! i got so far already!", well, at least i thought like this. Anyway, this game has a perfect combination of music and gameplay, the fact of not having a story does not matter in a plataform game like this, actually, i made my own story about it. Well, resuming my review, this is simply amaizing, congratulations and keep up the great work.

Good... but has some weird problems.

On one of the levels, I went through the green portal thing, and when I picked just the right block, one of the other blocks went crazy. An unlimited supply of transparent blocks kept falling through the floor! Don't believe me? Sorry, I wish I could prove it to you. (I'M SERIOUS!!!!!)


is it just me or... is that guy wearing the epicface?

Great Game

Best Puzzle Game Ever! The telekenisis power is great and no annoying power meter. Like the ------------ type stuff.. No need to improve something that is great!
Mana Bar