Reviews for "The Mind Bender"

good idead of a game but with some flaws

its a nice creative game, but like some people allready said said the plataforming isnt good. its slippery and i noticed if you land on the ledge of a plataform you fall off it. the plataforming ruined it alot. making it not worth the keep playing because of the frustration

you still got a 7 because creativity is great on a game. and the ouzzles were realy clever


Interesting idea, terrible controls. Sliding all over like you're covered in butter really makes making accurate jumps more difficult then it should be. False difficulty is boring.

pretty cool

no total control over keys. Would like to see more objects to move around. and better setting! Telekinesis design very cool!

Good premise, rather hard to platform.

This has one flaw, the control aspect feels a little off. Air control is nice but when TKing the jump and other movements act funky.

great idea

But there's really something wrong with the controls. Half of the time he doesn't jump when I tell him to. The slippery controls are also quite annoying but I guess you can get used to it. But the jumping being bugged ruined it for me.