Reviews for "The Mind Bender"

below meh

hes so slippery!!!!!

not bad, but too touchy

Its a great concept, but like everyone has said, the controls are WAY too touchy. You pretty much had to tap the left and right keys and pray that the character wouldn't take off like a rocket in some of the levels (the spikes for instance). And the gravity was off too. Try and jump slightly in one direction and it wouldn't work; Hit it harder and the character would go flying across the map. My final verdict is that this is a good game with a good concept, just tweak the gravity and movement.


The game could use a little extra gravity, as you jump pretty high. Other than that, it's a pretty fun game.

very gaood

you should make more

good but...

its good game and good idea but controls don't work well. i barely tap the movement button and he practically crosses the map. couldnt pass the spike level cuz he wouldnt stay on boxes