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Reviews for "Bomb -The Game-"

A bit boring

I didn't like it because you have to grind gold to get upgrades and I noticed a few bugs, one bug in particular which annoyed me so much was that when you plant a bomb near a brick then your character gets stuck and gets killed.

I smell bomberman!

This is like the arcade game bomberman, yet it has it's own style!

save points or resume game

i got so far and then the script got messed up so i had to close the window. then i had to start all the way from the begining again. can you please add a continue game and an auto save, then it would be a 10 star game.

Good But

It was good but when you put a bomb and got cornered you die instantly. I think that if you get cornered that it should only take away 1 heart instead of all of them

Overall, pretty good.

There's one thing that bothers me though. When you get hit by an enemy, there is no invincibility period. It's a point where you can't get hurt for 1 second when hit by an enemy or a bomb. Because this game doesn't have an invincibility period, this causes the player to die when trapped by an enemy no matter how many lives you still have. Normally, you should be able to get hit once and escape. Overall, the gameplay is okay. Well, until something goes wrong and you lose every single powerup you gained so far.