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Reviews for "Bomb -The Game-"

Excellent Game

Funny game
i still cant get past mission 1 (im crap lol)
To person below me u use the Keyboard to do EVERYTHING....(dumbass)
Excellnt Game 9Stars + 5 Rs


minor glitch: when i die, the buttons on the screen won't work!
plus: first anime sprite game i seen

Bomberman made better!!!

wow, outstanding... way better than the old bomberman i grew up with... im impressed, keep up the good work


I really loved the art. Very good game all around. I haven't played all the way through, so I'm not sure about the story, but the intro was quite nice. I gotta say, this has inspired me to get back into flash and actually make something!

Gameplay would be better if it weren't so slowly paced. The Magic helps, but only being able to use one weapon type really hurt some gameplay potential!

Would have been perfect if their were more obstacles as well.

Thank you for this game. I'm going to continue playing it now.

bugs killed it

It was pretty entertaining until it crashed. The art was good (didn't listen to the music, got my own tunes) but a few things killed it. The giant plant boss sat at the right wall, the game temporarily froze after that, and I gave up after I got stuck in the water.