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Reviews for "Bomb -The Game-"

its ok...

just another bomberman though. i like the upgrades and magic, but maybe you should put a little more power ups in?


nice design and gameplay, just a little off, but is a nice clone

The game is broken

I have no choice but to give a 3, due to fatal script errors in the game. I don't want to, but a game that does not play leaves me no choice.

The error kept occuring right after I finished the first boss while it was loading the next map. The game would sit there for about a minute, then It'd get an error box telling me if I don't abort the script, all processes could halt. I have the most updated Flash player, Java, Shockwave, etc (just saying the problem isn't on my end) so I'm not too sure what the problem is.

The game itself had some annoying little things. For one, why did you make remote bomb upgrade last about 10 seconds...? What's the point in the remote bomb upgrade when you don't even keep it long enough to use it? So basically there is no remote bomb upgrade. I also noticed that the first boss has what I assume is a bug... basically it walks to the right wall, then just sits there and does absolutely nothing. It doesnt move up or down, it just sits at the right wall being useless.

One other thing that I wasn't sure was intended was what happens if there are two enemies next to each other, and you get hit by one. Since when you get hit, you get pushed back, when there are two enemies next to each other and you get hit, suddenly you get knocked back and fourth in literally a split second, and you're dead before you even know what happened. Perhaps it only happens when the conditions are just right and is really rare, but when it does the player is destroyed in an instant. That one's not a big deal though, since it probably takes just the right placement for it to happen and you're probably dead if you get into that situation anyway.

Well all this aside, I was quite disappointed when I kept getting that fatal error. Without that fatal error, I'd say this game would be an 8. The graphics are spot on and deserve a 10 along with the sound. This game makes me think "korean" for some reason based only on the style of art and sound. I thought this way before the fatal error happened, but it really made me laugh since it's exactly what every single Korean game ever made is.... flawless art and sound, but poor programming and fatal bugs.

Great Engrish!

There was really a monster in my presence!
Nice bomberman clone, like the gaming references, like Mario and Frogger.
Nice work!


This was good, but the first boss only went to the right and just kept running into the wall. It made the boss incredibly easy to beat.