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Reviews for "Bomb -The Game-"


Nice game, unfortunally had a bug. I was on land - walked towards the river. I fell in the river for a second, then a log pussed me 4 squares to the left. Then I was stuck inside some bushes and froze up.


OMG I love the bomberman genre, and I love how you made this game your own. the only thing I don't like is how stuf continually hits you if you get trapped. other than that this game was perfect! can't wait til your next game!

Good game but buggy ending

No bugs until the final mission. Game froze up with boss jumping up and down and text flickering on screen. Error occurred when the message about the script consuming too many resources appeared. I clicked do not stop script 5 times and th game did not load. On the 6th I stopped the script and that is when the above occurred.

level after "Big monster"

It will not start the level after the "defeat the big monster" level. fix that please

otherwise, its a GREAT game

liked it

but it reminded me too much of bomberman and a bad thing that u cant get (i only beat the first boss) is a speed-up like in most bomberman games
my computer is way to slow so i couldnt get pass the first boss level

real great though....good job