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Reviews for "Bomb -The Game-"


except the person looks like me but this game sucks

i played this on MoFunZone

it was called Bomb of Brave Boy

was it stolen or did u let them u use it?

or did u steal it???

THIEF!!!!! j/k i think u made it its good like all ur games =)

Bomberman Clone

Ah a bomberman clone...but this time its from Armor Games will it be good?

The gameplay is fairly aqwurd the magic spells are nice and the shop is pretty cool but "bombing" is fairly aqwurd...

The music is playful and fun! No complaints about it...

The animation is smooth but the kid walks a little to fast for his speed and the plants aren't supposed to move from place well BECOUSE THAYRE PLANTS!

Overall a pretty deescent bomberman clone a few noticible flaws but still pretty nice,i shoud say good job but then i wud be lieing...

[[7/10 = 4/5 ]]


it was a good game but when you die the RESTART button dos'nt work


i was playing it for 2 hours and didnt notice!


gd game anyway