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Reviews for "Bomb -The Game-"

Great game!

Dude that was awesome!


I kept putting bombs so close to me and making sure I had 5/5 bomb power, 10/10 splode power so I blew myself up every damn time xD. Good game- 5/5, 10/10 (score, not bomb)


I can only play until the first boss. For some reason the game always freezes up after I beat him. Anyway, kids are really dumb. I don't think anyone understands the joke. He isn't really Chinese. Jesus Christ.

Loved it

I played it to what i thought to be the end, and i was stuck. I was wandering around blowing up every thing squares with stars and moons

i played this on MoFunZone

it was called Bomb of Brave Boy

was it stolen or did u let them u use it?

or did u steal it???

THIEF!!!!! j/k i think u made it its good like all ur games =)