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Reviews for "Bomb -The Game-"


Did alright. Nothing new. But you did good at this, hell, reminded me of bomber man for game boy color.

did not like it

this is just like bomberman come up with ur own ideas

Didnt like it

I think you die too easy, maybe u should have lives so u dont lose all three hearts and your items.


Nice game so far but at the begining of level two i walked into the water and it bugged out not letting me move anymore.

all in all is a nice bomberman meets frogger

Its OK

Ehh, u die way to easy, u get hit by ur own bomb, dead, get hit by an enemy attack (firebreathers), dead, its ok and a little amusing until u continuiously keep dieing and have to keep rebuying ur items. Good job/try. 6/10 3/5