Reviews for "Hungry are the Dead"

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Part of the attraction of this game to me is it's simply easy gameplay concept, but with a memorable unnecessary gameplay element(Clicking on ammo pile for each individual bullet).
Reminds me of older games that were easy but had this one really annoying thing that was considered part of the challenge of the game. Graphics I could care less, they look like zombies, they're zombies. If it weren't for the ammo pile thing I'd say more "Tank" zombies, but for some reason to me that seems like it'd take away from the game's enjoyability. What I'd would improve given the nature of the game would be to add higher levels of upgrades to the firepower. The money really piled up quickly and by the end I'd had over 5k cash. Also, maxing out them that quickly might have slightly made it more "The game is now a chore", but again what you intended was last standish, so all of those criticisms probably just add to the setting(I.E, having a massive pile of ammunition, rationing grenades despite apparently having an infinite amount of them as hand).

Lots of little things letting the game down

It's a very simple and straightforward game, which I appreciate, but I had some major irks with it. It's a great pain to click the pile of ammo to reload- if you assigned this to a button or it happened automatically it would save having the player re-aligning the rifle each time. Music needed variety quite badly. Putting prices on store items would have helped a little in making purchase choices. A story would have been nice, but certainly not necessary for this genre of game. The artwork was a little scrappy, but that didn't majorly affect how much I enjoyed the game.

Please work on these before trying a sequel!

No 'pause' button?

A pause button would be nice. Standard on most games.

Damn....My wrist

First of all , everything sucks im so godly i made it threw it made me laugh.
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