Reviews for "Hungry are the Dead"

11 Nights Until I Died :$

628 Zombie Kills
Accuracy 99%
Rank: Undead Scourge

Awesome Game!

definatly good

needs a way better loading system

headles zombies come later like others have said

and can you tell me what all the ranks are i got undead scorge! and dont know how good that is an new version would would be much awaited


very good game
it took me a while to get used to the reloading (I think I broke my mouse in the procces and and my arm went numb)
I strongly recommend you guys get the weapon upgrades ,after I got all the sniper upgrades I felt like I was holding a machine gun and a lvl3 dmg grenade will clear half a screen
kinda addictive but after a while it may get boring and repetitive
headless zombies should've been introduced later and dogs should've had some special ability like jump over some barricades
so bottom like this is a game worth playing for a short while
happy head bustin' !


It was a really good game. Very addicting. I recommend increasing bullets damage first because the hoards are small to start but the headless zombies come quite quickly.


likeable game play and remarkable as well