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Reviews for "Hungry are the Dead"

This game is still fun after all this time you guys did something right.

this is literally impossible. you cannot reload, and you only have 1 bullet.

TheMillz responds:

click the ammo pile. You're welcome

Welp my rank is undead scrouge,Kills:887,Time:13 nights,Accuracy:100%,And not bad for a old game,I liked it

It's pretty good for a game made in 2007, still fun to play, fun for killing time and can be addictive. I had Accuracy: 178% , 1,075 Kills , Time: 14 Nights , Rank: Undead Scourge. Would recommend playing it if you're bored and want to see how far you could get. But for a game that took about 4 months to do just for fun is amazing. Especially since it went up on the earliest days of Newgrounds that is still expanding to this day. But love it's a simple one life, one game play. Since there's no progression as in going to new levels or like a story to it. There's no reason to save but just say: "Okay I got this much, let's see if I can beat my own personal best and see if I can get better at this game and become the ultimate zombie killer!" But yeah, would play this game again since it's still fun when being bored, and have nothing to do like with any sort of game to relieve the boredom.

TheMillz responds:

Glad you like it, if you get bored again and want to see my new group of work Im active at Gamejolt, my name is Suits n' Nukes there. These projects are my own personal works instead of collaborations where I'm just the artist:


Pretty fun time waster. Killed 635 zombies and got all the upgrades both offensive and defensive (1st try).

This game does have room for improvement if there is to be a sequal. I would like to see more guns, more defensive upgrades and checkpoints. I love that upgrades are visible such as the barricades etc