Reviews for "Hungry are the Dead"

it was fun

i only have 2 complaints

1.more weapons

2.make stuff harder 2 get, i got all the upgrades fairly quickly

other then that, the game was pretty good

TheMillz responds:

I agree with your seconed complaint myself, a little too easy to get stuff. Yea, definetly.

But the first one, I have a reason ( even though you may call it an "excuse" ) which is I wanted it to be like the NG game "cemetary", which I feel really captured the essence of what it is to be out numbered/ not well equipt. A fight to the bitter end. Thanks for playing, and double thanks for reviewing! :D

Great Game

I enjoyed this. My only few problems was the low quality the game had to be in and the lack of different weapons, but other than that, it was a great game.

TheMillz responds:

Well you must understand, we needed it to be in low quality or the game wouldn't play good. It would be like that PS3 game, Lair, beutiful....until it moves. Thanks for playing! :D