Reviews for "Hungry are the Dead"

needs improovment

good game but it needs new types of zombies the head less one is good it takes more time to kill but every thing else is the same zombie with just new skin. there needs to be more weapons than just a rifle like to start with a pistol and then move up from there and the zombies should have different abilites like running , exploding, being imune to head shots ect. ect. if you make a sequel i will definetley play for 2 or 3 reason these problems are fixed and for my love of zombies in general plus put in a reload button not an ammo pile u have to click on multiple times to reload individual bullets.

really bad

i have some complaints about this game but before i start, i have to say, nice job on all the blood and gore, and the laser scope really helped out. now for the complaints. why does there have to be so little bullets all the time? and for that matter, why do you have to click on the pile of bullets to get more? why cant there be a reload button or something like that? its also way too easy to kill the zombies. one shot to the head and theyre dead. if you make a sequel to this game or some kind of similar game that fixes these errors, i might be willing to give it a try.


but it could be better with more guns different houses and a movement system to get to them and also keep up the good work


was a good game, some better upgrades of the gun would have been awesome.
the graphic were a little sketchy but it flowed well.
loved the need to re-load, but i found myself wishing for one more bullet.

i agree with TheTrueKakashi

verry good
instead of a barn it should be a mansian
and the sniper rifle should change as you upgrade it