Reviews for "Hungry are the Dead"

One of the best

This is one of the greatest Zombie games I have ever played, ever. The limited ammo and Increasing horde gave me that OMG IM GUNNA DIE feeling. Eventually I just got bored and stopped repairing my defenses which added to the suspense. Nice job you deserve a medal for this work of art.

ok but too easy

too easy and long

TheMillz responds:

lol...too long... * that's what she said * Thanks for playing. :D


Dude i signed up for this newgrounds account just to tell you how awesome i think this game is! After reading alot of other reviews i cam to the conclusion that you are right if you made the graphics too good it would lag like crap i got to lvl 34 and lagged to hell untill i died but i really love this game keep up the good work.

TheMillz responds:

Wow, really? Well hot damn dude, thanks for going through all that just to support us! Really, sometimes I would come across an awsome submission, 5 it, and move on,but just be too lazy to review. That in mind, makes your sacrifice that much better to hear. Thanks again. If you liked this, check out some of our other work. Mabey it will interest you aswell.


Bad graphics, only worth two minutes of gameplay I could have made this in like two days, and you say it took 3-4 months??
Thats bull.
Terrible game.

TheMillz responds:

Lol, you touch children. :)

Here's some suggestions...

First off, love me a zombie game, love me a defense game. It could've had a few extras, but all in all it was pretty fun. But it gets a solid four/eight from me, and here's why...


Come on now, a guy with a scoped rifle is gonna be taking longer shots than this - these are pistol distances. The limited field of vision as far as seeing the zombies before they're close enough to your defenses is a real pain. The barbed wire gets annihilated wicked fast later on in the game. Why aren't the sandbags behind the fence/gate? Would've made a lot more sense, as they looked out of place, and it would've done a bit to add to the extremely limited field of vision, which is my primary "issue" with your work. I'd think a mere increase of twenty-five percent would be sufficient.

The reloading is cumbersome. Come on now, I get and respect that you were going for a bit more realism (zombies come, you're gonna have the gun[s] you have, and no more), but would it have hurt too much to allow the "R" key to do the job? Click click click click, fire fire fire fire, repeat x20...arrgh! You get used to it, but damn is it annoying...

Limited sound effects took away a bit as well. I want my zombies to groan or something when shot or when they're injured by barriers dammit! I want them quasi-retarded bastards to come on screen making stereotypical Down Syndrome noises and whatnot damn you! Also, the sound of a rifle bolt (click click baby!) after each shot, and perhaps sporadic commentary (oh fuck they're close, Boom! Headshot!, etc) from our protagonist would've been absolutely priceless.

SO: All in all, a pretty damned nice game for what it is. Definitely worth the time, and definitely worth a few dozen more replays. I really hope you have it in mind to make a sequel, because the world needs all the zombie games it can get. Excellent work; keep it up!

BONUS PROTIP: "Spray and Pray" (fire in random directions, anticipating the next wave) when nothing's on the screen; you can often get a few undead and quickly go back to reloading.