Reviews for "Hungry are the Dead"

cool game

accuracy 98%
kills 148
time 5 nights


9 nights
Awesome game, but it could be amazing! like what corotrangul said,
needs better reload, i kept on firing into thin air when i was madly clicking trying to reload... and more upgrades too. its too little.

Good game

Accuracy: 205%...not sure how I exceeded 100%
Kills: 2683
Nights: 22
Rank Undead Scourge
Good game, needs a bit better reload system and more upgrades, too easy to get them all. More and better ranks would also be good.

iam good :D

accuracy: 187%
kills: 1345
nights: 16
rank:undead scourge


first time i ever played this game i got like 1500 kills, couldnt stop playing and still cant, keep up the good work